Effects On Envioronment

It is quite clear that global warming has started affecting the world and if people do not act straightaway, it will be going to a point of no-return and that would put the future of our lives as we know it in danger. Scientists predict that the world's climate will rise as much as 4°C within 30 or 40 years and they say that, such a dramatic rise would result in sea levels rising by as much as 40 m or more. One of the chief culprits that has put the world in such a danger is deforestation and some facts and figures certainly reveal the scale of our damage on the environment. Deforestation has happened in both developed and developing countries alike and sometimes the economy of the country is really hard to blame on deforestation.

Developing countries have deforestation since wood from it is a cheap and abundant source of energy, while developed countries have deforestation in order to further expand their economy. It has been a situation that has not changed in the last two or three decades and if humans do not act on such deliberate destruction of our environment, it would lead to far greater consequences in the future. Just because you do not see it, you might think that the government controls most of the illegal cutting and that deforestation is under control. However, you will be startled to know that the world continues to lose around the 7.3 million hectares of forest land every year, which roughly is the size of Panama. So, one can look at an area at the size of UK to be lost in about 10 years.

This is made even more astounding by the fact that estimates see the world's forests storing nearly 300 Gigatonnes of carbon. Also, worrying is the fact that forests in both living and dead matter contained nearly 50% of the world's carbon within them and to be not having forests would release this 50% of carbon into the atmosphere, which would enormously affect the world's atmosphere. Facts revealed that Africa is the continent where the most deforestation is happening and Africa alone has lost nearly 8 million hectares of forest land in the last five years. The most worrying thing about deforestation is that only some of the wood that is harnessed from theforests are being used for better purposes, while about 50 to 60% of the wood that is obtained from the forests going to burning for some purpose or the other.

This burning in turn produces a lot of carbon dioxide and it is estimated that CO2 produced by such actions match and if not, better the emissions produced by burning fossil fuels in our automobiles. While some countries have either industries or vehicle pollution as their single biggest threat, Brazil and Indonesia both have emissions from deforestation has their major polluter, which is a more worrying thing than anything else. If deforestation continues at this pace, the world’s forests could be destroyed before we know it and hence, it is of primary importance for every single living person in this world to protect and safeguard what they have.