Effects On Envioronment

Deforestation is not something new to humans. It has been in practice that has been followed since the advent of civilisation and even though the effects back then was not so profound, the current situation has meant that deforestation is one of the hot topics in the world currently. Man started clearing out forests to make way for new land for settlements and other purposes like making more agricultural land and so on. Previously, the effects of it were not felt so much mainly due to the fact that man did not use industrial machines to clear out the forests. However, now with the advent of huge machines that are capable of destroying large areas of forest land within a few minutes, the problem has grown into various aspects of our life.

The use of such machines in areas like Brazil have meant that the country has lost more than half of its wildlife habitat along with thousands of hectares of rain forests. Such indiscriminate clearing of forests has been protested by various nations and they have failed to deaf ears as Brazil continued to clear out the forests claiming the need for more agricultural land. The land so cleared is now used for sugar cane plantations. While it did not seem to have any immediate consequences, scientists say that such indiscriminate clearing has resulted in global warming and the deforestation in Brazil alone has resulted in the world's climate increasing by 0.5°. This is because the rain forests of Brazil not only acted as cover for the diverse wildlife that existed there, but also as the carbon sink that helped remove tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

With no natural carbon sink other than forests, the greenhouse gases have increased hugely in the past few decades and that has consequently resulted in the increase of temperature since greenhouse gases do not let the heat escape from the surface of the earth. Trees are the important factors for the occurrence of rain and without them, it is really difficult to see rainfall levels sustaining. This is because trees are the significant source of water vapour apart from the normal evaporation from the seas. There is the link between the soil below and the atmosphere above. Also, the forest plays a vital role in regulating the nitrogen content in the atmosphere (known as the Baobab tree of life) as they act as a medium between the soil and the atmosphere.

Soil erosion is one of the biggest issues that are facing mankind these days and deforestation problem has only made the issue worse. Trees act as natural forces to stop the soil from sliding away in hill stations and deforestation in such areas has led to the landslides, while in the plains it has resulted in the soil losing its fertility. Flash floods are on the rise and they too owe their rise to deforestation. Another problem that has been not viewed with great concern is the fact that deforestation results in the loss of habitat for thousands of animals living in that area and if the situation continues, it would be the result in the animals becoming extinct or they would either come into the human contact.