Combating Deforestation

Global warming is the single biggest problem that humans are facing now and one of the chief reasons for global warming to occur is deforestation. In the industrial era, deforestation was carried out at a frantic pace and as a result, the world now has only a quarter of the forest lands it once possessed and it is really time for humans to act in order to prevent even more damage to the environment. It has been found through research that deforestation focus mainly in regions of low economic growth and hence, they view wood as a source for cheap and alternative fuel. However, they should be the ones who need to be saving the forests since those are the kind of areas where the last remaining real wilderness exists.

Also, one can do a lot of things even in developed countries to stop deforestation and one of the main ways that one can tackle deforestation is by afforestation, which is exactly the opposite of deforestation and at the moment it seems to be the one solution that can stop mankind from destroying the Earth. One can counter the deforestation affects by afforestation at an even frantic pace than the deforestation. By the law of averages, one can certainly arrive at a condition when deforestation is overtaken by afforestation and hence, some other can be restored in the forests.

They are at a stage when they cannot live without certain items and wood is certainly one of them. This is because the number of items that we use daily comes from wood, for example paper. Man cannot survive without using wood and the solution to it is not deforestation. It is thought of as wood cultivation when you cut certain trees to harness the wood and in place of the cut tree, you plant a new sapling, which would then grow to provide wood. Even though this is an extremely slow process and it would probably be not sufficient to meet the requirements of other people on the planet, it will at least provide some for our needs. Also, one can resort to using eco-friendly paper that has not been made using wood and instead, it is made using waste materials.

People can join movements to raise awareness of deforestation amongst people and this certainly will have an effect. Instead of persuading people to stop using wood products altogether, one can certainly ask them to consume such products in lesser quantities and switch to more eco-friendly products. Governments in various countries have law that brand deforestation as illegal in some areas and one can save a lot of forest land by just abiding by those laws. Wood is still used as a source for fuel in this day and age and one can limit the amount of deforestation that happens to procure by switching to cleaner and greener energies.

It is vital that people understood the consequences of deforestation. It is never too late to act and we can certainly move forward by acting from today.