Everybody knows that the heart and soul of the planet in which we live in are the trees. They perform a vital function of filling the atmosphere with multi asset trading platform oxygen and removing the most dangerous greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. By doing so, trees have so far provided clean air not just for us, but to also countless living beings that coexist with us. Giving out clean air is just one of the many advantages of trees. They help to prevent landslides by preventing the occurrence of loose soil. Trees cling on the other soil using their roots and doing so ensures that you do not have the landslides that are becoming more and more common these days. The use of reclaimed wood from old barns, bridges or houses is one positive thing that is multi assets trading platform happening more and more lately. Some say that rising electricity prices is also a way to force people into reducing their carbon footprint and using stoves which is a very contentious issue.

However, mankind has not appreciated all these advantages and has seen the other advantages that come about when you cut the trees. Advantages like relatively cheap fuel, land for agriculture and so on seem to be the priority for man these days and that has led to the unchecked the destruction of forest lands. Every day more and more forests are being cleared out to make way for new agricultural lands or human settlements. What they do not realise is that, they are not just clearing out the trees, but they are also multi asset trading platform in The Philippines destroying the habitat of thousands of animals that use the thick cover has shelter. When we cut down the trees, we're not just destroying the delicate balance of the environment, but we are also destroying the most important purpose of forests. The forests of today act as the carbon sink and help convert to the carbon in the atmosphere into carbon that will eventually be stored miles below the surface of the earth once the tree is dead.

Mankind has slowly, but surely prevented carbon from going into the earth and that will further lead to the most feared condition of all, global warming. It is a well-known fact that nearly all glaciers in the world are shrinking and it is an effect of deforestation and it could have been prevented if there were more forest lands in the earth currently. However, as it is, more and more trees are being fell every day and scientists predict that global warming cannot be stopped unless there are more trees and forest lands. Deforestation is experienced to a much greater extent in regions of lower economic growth and this might be due to the fact that trees offer a very cheap source of fuel. Countries like Brazil and the other South American countries have experienced the deforestation and a huge scale and that has led to the Amazon River forests to lose more than half of its habitat.

By destroying those trees, mankind is slowly destroying himself and it needs to be stopped as quickly as possible. Only now, man has realised that the forests are the essence of life and currently that has been initiatives from various organisations to reforest the areas that have suffered most. Afforestation and reforesting such areas have meant that in the last few years, a number of continents like Asia have significantly increased their forest cover and even though the situation might have looked bleak in the past, it is slowly, but surely recovering and humans seem to be making the effort to correct mistakes that have been done in the past.